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Board of Directors President

Teddy Crotaeu

Vice President

Brendon Cashman


Christina Marie Nelson


Rick Dumas


Kevin O'Connell

Public Safety Brendon Cashman Vendor's/Merchandise/Raffle

Jerry Marcotte


Nikki Krevosky

Personal Recruitment

Hillary Ann


Lee King

Main Gate/Program

Nicole Marino

Food Services

Melissa Chaput


Tony Marossie

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SITS Board of Directors


S c r o l l  B e l o w

We, the Board of Directors would like to say thank you to all the volunteers who have come out to Gillette Stadium with us in our Fundraising efforts. It is only with your help that we are able to keep doing

what we are doing.


SITS Board of Directors


SITS 2019 Scholarships


Are you new to recovery? Or have you been here a while? Do you like to have fun? Or do you need to learn how to have fun? Do you need a clean safe place for the family to go on Labor Day weekend? Have you fallen on some hard times? Well, that is where a scholarship can help. A scholarship is for the hard times. Sand Stew, Inc. or Sober in the Sun has exactly 10 scholarships to be handed out to wonderful people like you that have fallen on hard times and need to be at Sober in the Sun.


The scholarship gives you the opportunity to camp from Friday to Monday. We have 10 scholarships to give out this year. Once you have gotten a scholarship you are not eligible for another one for 5 years. What I need from you so that you can get a scholarship is, in a brief email please tell me:


1. What is your hardship?

2. What this weekend would mean to you (family)?

3. Your full name, mailing address, & phone # so I can call you personally & tell you that you got a scholarship

4. How many tickets you will need ( Up to 4)


Remember children 12 & under are free & as of 13 they are adult priced.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you.

See you at Sober in the Sun


Contact Ted Crotaeu @






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