S o b e r i n t h e S u n

First aid is available 24 hours a day, and is located

on the main road just before the main field area in

the public safety building.


Emergency medical services are mobile units and will

respond to all festival patrons need if a medical issue

arise. Are staff are solely present for the duties of

first responder only, even though some are more

qualified, there primary purpose is to provide pre-

hospital care until outside resources can arrive on

scene. We can not and will not provide treatment for

chronic medical problems. If you suffer from any

chronic conditions please attend the festival with a

maintenance program in place. Medic alert bands

are available at the first aid station to alert our first

responders in case an emergency occurs of your

conditions. Any and all information we have upon

arrival, helps you and us in assessing the situation

and remember we are in a remote area, within small

towns. Our attendance doubles the towns population

outside ambulance service can range from

responses of 10 to 20 minutes. Every minute counts,

and our staff are dedicated and committed to your

and your family's health while at Sober In The Sun.




 First Aid and Emergency Medical Services

Please take care of yourselves and keep a watchful

eye on others, Treasure valleys terrain can be

physical exhausting on a healthy person, imagine

what it can do to a new comer to sobriety, stay

hydrated and nourished if you or someone you are

with is feeling ill or week please come to first aid, if

you are unable to get there please flag down a

volunteer with a radio to call for help, in an event of a

serious situation please do not call 911 they will not

be able to find you, immediately get a hold of our

services by means of any staff member and with help

of the Treasure Valley Ranger staff they will be able

to get the ambulance to you . Thank you and be safe

Enjoy the greatest weekend of the year

Fire Patrol

The festival is located in a dense wooded area,

campfires are allowed but under strict

guidelines set forth by the Treasure Valley


Our fire patrol works closely with the Ranger staff

and has complete authority granted

by Treasure Valley to extinguish and remove a

campfire permanently for an reason.


Our staff is very knowledgeable in wildfires and

very courteous, they will work with you

and educate those who have never built a

campfire, they want all patrons to be able

to enjoy the festival by sitting fireside. If a fire

needs to be attended to multiple times

they will extinguish it. Wildfires are very serious

and can spread and kill in an instinct.

Our staff does not extinguish fires to be cruel, they

do so to protect the land and

thousands of lives residing in it for the weekend.

Treasure \Valley Rangers have complete control

over all things that happen at

Treasure Valley.


Some rules you need to know and abide by.


* No unauthorised ground fires

* No fires within 10ft clearance of over hanging

tree limbs

* Above ground fire pits are allowed (must be 8-10

ins above ground)

* Established council rings are OK to use

* 1/2 barrel pits are first come first serve

must be propped up 8" using stand or concrete


* No moving of any platforms

* All stones and picnic tables are to be returned to

where you find them

* At no times are fires to be left unattended

(if you are in a tent the fire is considered


and will be extinguished immediately

* No cutting of live trees and shrubs

* Dead wood on ground may be burned

* Any person caught burning live wood will be

vacated per order TVSR

If you don't know please ask we are here to help

you have an enjoyable time.


Thank you and remember fire Safety



Note: Any violators are subject to being asked to

leave Festival with no refund, and/or in respect to

unauthorised ground fires which cause a burn

hole or root damage will be charged $100.00 per

agreement with

SITS and Treasure Valley.